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There are many more members that are not here and we are working
on getting their pictures too. There are also many more GDI Team Elite
leaders who are not recorded here. These pics are specifically
in Albie's upline or downline.


Martin Payling
Team Leader
(Kathy's Upline)

Kathy Von Geldern
Team Leader
(Albie's Upline)

Albie Derbyshire
Team Leader

Working with GDI Team Elite Since 2016. 
Started as a leader in June 2017 and never looked back! Email me!
I would love to get to know you better.

Elizabeta Kuzevska
Team Leader

Arhtur Le Roux
Team Leader

Team Leader

Igor Vokjc
Team Leader

Diane Mumm
Team Leader

Sherry & Joey Wilson
Team Leader

Krishna Narasimhan

Steve Wiscombe

John Vance

Roger Nuemann

Eric Agyekum

Roger Rivas



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